Mold Cork Compounds for Different Alloys

Cutting-edge Advantage for Batteries

Moldcor International Cork Compound is the finest cork power mold coat that assures uniformity and consistency in grid weight, increased casting speed and longer interval between touch up. It also offers a gare dressing which assures uniform and rapid mold filling. Which means better insulation, better performance, better life. No wonder, our products have been tested & trusted by major battery manufactures for years.

Fully Automatic Packaging Equipment

Driven by the philosophy of making the world's finest products, Moldcor International recognized the need to develop proper cork insulating compound formulations. Our precision for quality lead to the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility. It comprises the most sophisticated, automatic filling and packaging equipment in the industry, to measure precise quantities of desired ingredients providing continuous, accurate packaging of premium insulating cork blends

No Adverse Effect on Health

Being binderless products, Moldcor International Cork Compounds have no health hazard, whereas the conventional Mold Cork with binder has adverse effect on human due to the active chemicals. It makes our product not only safest but technically superior, which only a few in the world has pioneered.

Following The Toughest Standards

Simply the finest material as required to make the nest possible batteries, Believing in the fact, we purchase our raw material only through an ISO 9001 certified supplier. Further, being awarded as an ISO 9001 certified company testifies our commitment to world's finest quality benchmarks.

MOLDCOR International

Cork Compounds


Virgin Portuguese cork dust is screened to extract the finest cork powder particle size used in manufacturing of mold coat compounds.

Automatic Packaging Equipment

In developing proper cork insulating compound formulations, Moldcor International recognizes the need for accurate addition of Ingredients. Moldcor International uses the most sophisticated, automatic filling and packaging equipment to measure precise quantities of desired ingredients providing continuous, accurate packaging of premium insulating cork blends for the battery industry.

Moldcor cork Compounds

Moldcor developed several cork based mold insulating compound to meet the most complex lead casting standards. The most popular grades are:

Dry blend is designed to meet the casting requirement of low and very low antimony alloys. This blend contains cork particle size of 38 to 90 microns, volcanic clay, water soluble dry binding additive, wetting agents, preservative and other proprietary ingredients. MCD-200 is a durable coating compound withstanding temperature upto 1000 deg.F (538 deg.C).


Dry blend is especially designed for calcium and other specially alloys. It combines blend of finest cork particles ranging in size from 28-90 microns, volcanic clay, wetting agents, preservative and separately packaged water soluble dry binding substance. When mix properly MCD-300 offers excellent insulation properties and a durable smooth coating surface.


Dry blend is designed for industrial battery grid casting application. Although it provides the same coating capability as other compound, it is formulated to suit more rigorous casting requirement for industrial grids.