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We are a leading manufacturer of battery additives.We have over 25 years of rich experience in the battery industry, and we have empowered the batteries with our high-quality products.Our expanders are designed to increase the porosity and surface area of the battery's active material, to enhance its capacity and reduce the effects of sulfation, a process that can reduce the battery's performance over time. We offer high quality cork based mold insulating compound for lead alloy casting. Our products are designed to fulfill the most complex lead alloy casting requirements.

Our cork compounds are considered to be the highest in quality and are the preferred choice for use in the production of the world's best batteries.


Our Products

With our commitment to quality, we deliver products that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our tailor made expanders, mold coat and goat coat compounds are designed to maximize efficiency and performance of your batteries.


Moldcor Cork

Our Mold coat compounds meet specific requirements of different battery chemistries and applications. They contribute to the production of high-quality batteries with extended lifespans, improved cycle stability.

Gate Coat

Our gate coat compounds ensure stability and performance of certain battery types by keeping a barrier between the positive electrode and active material.



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Why Choose Us

We are the battery manufacturer’s first choice for the requirement
of battery expanders, mold coat compounds and gate coat compounds.

With our excellent quality compounds and state-of-the-art facilities, we are leading the way to provide not only the safest, but also the most innovative and effective solutions for battery manufacturing.

Here’s what makes us stand apart from others in terms of quality:

1. Equipping battery with latest technology

Our cork compounds ensure consistency and uniformity in grid weight, longer intervals between touch-up, and increased casting speed leading to better performance and life of the batteries. It offers efficient gate dressing that promotes uniform and rapid mold filling, resulting in better insulation, improved performance, and longer battery life. Our products have been tested and proven over the years and hence have earned the trust of major battery manufacturers.