Technical Datasheet
Ups, Telecom, Inverter Expanders

Mcs 300

Mcs 310

Mcs 320

Mcs 330

Appications :

Lead Acid Batteries: Stationary Float applications for UPS, Telecom, inverter in stable electrical grid environment and unstable electrical grid environment (PSoC)


MOLDCOR PREBLENDED EXPANDERS are homogeneous, powdery blends of high functioning. highly pure raw materials. The synergetic material combinations of MOLDCOR PREBLENDED EXPANDERS are added to the negative paste batch by the battery manufacturer and are designed to improve battery performance and battery life in traditional and advanced applications.

Dosage Recommendations :

MCS300 :

MCS310, MCS320, MCS330 :

Dry addition to paste mix

Addition rate 1.0% wt. of lead oxide

Addition rate 1.5% wt. of lead oxide

Physical/Chemical Data :

Appearance: homogeneous dry grey/black

Odor: vanilla (some blends)

Tests in accordance with ISO standards
Packaging :

Varies by formula, customization upon request

Impurities, ICP
Iron < 200 ppm
Manganese < 10 ppm
Copper < 170 ppm
Nickel < 10 ppm